Views of Cappadocia

I did not even plan to come here but damn am I happy I did (thank you Jarryd for pointing me to the right direction).

Located in central Turkey lies Cappadocia, a region with an out-of-this-world landscape and lots and lots of hot air balloons that has been well on the tourist path for a couple of years now.

To be honest, I didn’t do much in the days I stayed in this unreal place. After walking around in the heat of Istanbul and some long drives, I felt this could be the perfect spot to just take a few days to relax.

So I grabed a couple of beers and some food at the supermarket in Göreme, found the perfect spot to pitch my tent and there I stayed doing nothing but enjoy the view.

This is what I saw:


4 Replies to “Views of Cappadocia”

  1. Hallo ihr Zwei,
    sehr schöne Bilder (auch die von Istanbul)!
    Viel Glück weiterhin und auch liebe Grüße an Fräulein Niva (hoffe, Vroni ist nicht eifersüchtig)!
    LG Manuel

    1. Hahaha, ist sie nicht. Vor allem nicht, nachdem jetzt schon die ersten 3 Stoßdämpfer durch waren und die Hinterachse Öl verloren hat…

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