Ready or not

‘Everything is packed – I hope – and I am ready to go – I think.’
These were my last thoughts yesterday morning before I closed the door and turned the key.
As Veronika got one month less off work, I started the trip without her and she will join me in Trabzon, Turkey at the end of this month.
But I am not going alone. Marius, an old friend of mine is joining me for the first stretch from Munich to Podgorica. 
We are looking at a week of camping, hiking and sightseeing, mostly in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

But first let’s take a look at Fräulein Niva. What did we pack and how did we pack it?

One thing we already learned is that if you have the space to take more stuff, you will most likely use it to bring things you don’t really need. 
That’s why we usually try to pack light and are only taking 35/40 litre backpacks. 
Not this time. We have a whole car to pack – and that is what we did. 
On the roof you’ll find a big aluminium box full of tools, towing equipment and other goodies we don’t need every day.
Next to that there are two 20 litre jerry cans tied up. Empty at the moment. We probably won’t need them before Uzbekistan.
In the trunk we fitted a bunch of plastic boxes to organize most of the stuff for our daily needs. These boxes provide enough space for clothes, food, stove, electronics and camera equipment.
Next to the boxes we were still able to fit our tent, sleeping bags and mats, a backpack and small presents for the children we’ll meet along the way.
This leaves hiking boots, water canisters and an electric cooler for the spaces behind the front seats. 
It seems like way to much stuff but packed in the best way we could think of. 
We started in Munich yesterday morning and our path led us near Zagreb to meet some friends I got to know in Oman last year. 
They are kind of “professional hitchhikers”, have seen a lot and their special sense seems to be discovering the most amazing camping spots, which let us spend the first night of the trip in this beautiful location.
Getting to the top of the mountain and back, I got a good idea about how well Fräulein Niva will do off road. 
Perfect first day.

4 Replies to “Ready or not”

  1. Hi Thomas und Marius,
    wie ich sehe, seid ihr perfekt gestartet.
    Schön, dass du Zeit für deinen Blog gefunden hast.
    Bin schon gespannt auf den nächsten Bericht.
    LG Manuel

  2. Habe schon sehnsüchtig auf den nächsten Beitrag gewartet.
    Viele Grüße aus dem Büro 🙂 und einen wunderschönen 2. Tag!

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