Impressions of Istanbul

Coming from Bulgaria, my first stop in Turkey was the buzzing metropolis of Istanbul.

Built on both sides of the Bosporus, the two sides of the city itself seem to be completely from two different worlds. While in the European part especially Sultanahmet and Fatih with all their history are magnets for tourists from all over the world, Kadiköy with its fish-market and lots of bars and restaurants in the Asian part of the city has a very local feel to it.

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Poor choices, old walls and great views in Kotor

I knew that I chose the wrong hostel way before my bed started shaking in the middle of the night. I knew it was a party hostel when I received their welcome email but still thought it wouldn’t be that bad. I know better now.

After a night without sleep, I got up at 6:30 to conquer the fortress of Kotor, a beautiful town located on the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro that was founded already about 2.000 years ago and was first fortified by Emperor Justinian in 535.

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Ready or not

‘Everything is packed – I hope – and I am ready to go – I think.’
These were my last thoughts yesterday morning before I closed the door and turned the key.
As Veronika got one month less off work, I started the trip without her and she will join me in Trabzon, Turkey at the end of this month.
But I am not going alone. Marius, an old friend of mine is joining me for the first stretch from Munich to Podgorica. 
We are looking at a week of camping, hiking and sightseeing, mostly in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Continue reading “Ready or not”